Gourmet products

Dried octopus

The dried octopus, whose tradition dates back to ancient times, has always been associated with a large part of the “Poniente almeriense” and the coast of Granada, but especially with Adra, a maritime and ancient city where the octopus is cooked with ancestral devotion. Any person from Almería will point towards Adra if you talk about recipes such as the dried octopus, octopus with alioli or pulpada.


Phoenician Beer

The name of this beer evokes the origins of ancient Abdera and it is the first craft beer brewed in Adra. With a monthly output of thousand liters, it advocates a taste "sweet, full-bodied and with a bitter touch" to be distinguished from the others.

From its market launch, criticisms made about it satisfy the expectations of the drivers of this project.

Two young entrepreneurs from Adra, Ms. Marina Cabrera and Mr. Francisco José Rodríguez, are behind this unique business venture. A trip to the German city of Munich, known for manufacturing different barley juices, aroused the curiosity of this couple that has cared the first bottles launched to the market with diligence and great dedication. "The first edition, consisting of 96 boxes with 12 bottles each, was sold in two weeks", they recognized.

The creators say that the production process of every run, consisting of approximately 500 liters, is extended over a month and it is «simple». Water, hop, yeast and barley malt are its ingredients. "It undergoes a process of double fermentation," explains Francisco José Rodríguez. "In the first one, the alcohol of the barley juice is obtained and in the second one, already bottled, the gas and foam it needs". The result: a sweet beer, full bodied and «less watery and bitter than the industrial one» but with a slight bitterness. A beer "full of contrasts", the first one with “taste of Adra”.

At the present, the Phoenician beer can be bought in the Repsol service stations of the town and in some restaurants and bars. The next step will be to introduce it in the pubs. "Our aim is to promote it in Adra, introduce the culture of craft beer and get people try it and identify themselves with this beer," they explain. A beer, therefore, made by and for Adra.