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Beggining date: Since 2006.

Raw materials: Holandas of wine.

Telephone: 950402107

On a trip to Jerez de la Frontera with a group of friends, we visited one of his colossal brandy wineries and we were explained the production process between large barrels mounted on wet albero. We felt trapped by the cool atmosphere, the smell of wood and brandy, the almost religious silence and the quality of the materials precursor to this spirit drink, undoubtedly, the noblest of all distillates.

From that moment we began to flirt with the idea – at first as a romantic challenge and then from a business point of view - of founding the first brandy winery in the history of our province. This was the start of a long way: visits to wineries, distilleries, cooperages, institutions, etc., followed by consultations with experts and training on the subject. Gradually, we realized that it was a feasible idea.

Indeed, we didn’t find a single reason why we could not develop an excellent brandy in Almería. With similar conditions to those of the scope of the Regulatory Council Brandy from Jerez, an area which produces 95% of Spanish brandy, being Spain the largest producer of brandy in the world, and a microclimate in the cellar achieved by controlling the temperature and humidity, it only lacked four important factors:

First. High-quality raw materials (Wine distillates called Holandas and American oak barrels previously treated with wine from Jerez).

Second. Time required for the wine aging.

Third. Experienced winemakers we are counting on the invaluable collaboration of the oenology teachers, experts of international standing, Mr. Luís Pérez and Mr. José María Mateos.

Fourth. The dedication and energy of the three founding members.

Of course, we couldn’t embark on the adventure of creating such a complex enterprise without investigating the market. Although the Brandy consumption was decreasing, there were no reasons to be discouraged because,in fact, Brandy of high-quality was rising.

In any case, 80 million bottles of brandy were bottled in Jerez last year, more than half of which were for domestic consumption. We aim to achieve our market share regarding the quality of the product and our manufacturing capacity, so the company would be profitable.

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