The Fair of Adra

The Fair of Adra: Considered as the second most important fair of the province, it brings together the population of Adra and countless visitors between the 6th and the 10th of September. La Virgen del Mar and San Nicolás de Tolentino (patron saint of Adra) are venerated. On September 8th a procession in honour of la Virgen del Mar is carried out. The most stirring moment is when she is taken from the port by boat. The festival of San Nicolás is on September 10th and there is another procession.

There is a Feria de Noche (Night Fair) and a Feria de Adra (Afternoon Fair). During “la Feria de Día, the midday route (“la ruta del mediodía”) is often followed, especially at meal time “tapas (typical Andalucía savouries), accompanied by a drink are enjoyed, in the different bars.

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